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Domestically binding equipment competitiveness is not lost on imported equipment

With our domestic postpress equipment manufacturing technology continues to mature, more and more printing companies began to introduce domestic postpress equipment. According to statistics, the annual sales of the domestic postpress equipment, domestic postpress equipment sales accounted for 2/3 of the total sales of postpress equipment. Terms of number of units and assumptions made ​​in China and India, the price of the equipment is imported postpress equipment 1/2 to 2/3 (in recent years, the price of imported equipment and domestic equipment was close to trend), the domestic Indian domestic market share of the equipment can be more than 75%. Specific binding equipment, made ​​perfect binding, wire stitching, thread three series of products in the domestic market share of up to 90 percent, across more than imports of similar products.

From a technical point of view, made binding equipment compared with foreign in mechanical speed machining accuracy, reliability, ease of operation, automatic control, industrial design, there is a big gap, but these gaps do not affect the domestic Binding market share。

Binding speed perspective, saddle stitching line on the same grade for the nominal production rate of the imported equipment than domestic equipment, all its speed advantage does not play, but in the actual production loss of efficiency is very obvious.

The production from the Staple accuracy perspective, customers choose the actual speed is not very high (less than 12,000 / hour), domestic equipment and imported equipment can meet the customer requirements binding accuracy, but if customers choose the actual production speed 12,000 / hour or more, compared to binding accuracy domestic equipment and imported equipment, there are very significant gap.

Adaptability to special products。 Printing enterprises in order to reduce costs due to the fierce competition in the domestic printing industry, optional paper material, quantitative, Folio and wire all foreign certain differences。

It can be seen domestically binding equipment has strong competitiveness in the printing business on the speed and quality requirements can become the preferred solution for printing companies can meet.

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